This imposing investment, for which GENERALE PREFABBRICATI manufactured more than twenty-four thousand square metres of complex prefabricated structure and cladding panels with brick finish, is the result of great engineering, skill and production and logistical know-how. All the prefabricated components produced in the San Salvo factory in Abruzzo were shipped via train and via sea to Palermo to the town of Torre Ingastone, where they were installed by Generale Prefabbricati for the construction of the “Torre” shopping centre which houses fifty-eight stores, including the second “Ipercoop” in Palermo, six restaurant areas, one thousand seven hundred cars in the car park and other services.
These works, designed by Studio Pica Ciamarra & Associati of Naples, fit harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. The photovoltaic system implemented powers the entire centre, achieving significant savings and emissions abatement.