The Palazzo Lombardia building is a unitary complex of buildings, including a 161.3-metre skyscraper (the tallest in Italy) which houses the Government of Lombardia including the Presidency and all Departments. The complex was designed by a group composed of Pei Cobb Freed & Partners of New York, Caputo Partnership and Sistema Duemila, both from Milan. The building is located in an area of 33,700 square metres. Works started in 2007 and were completed in 2011.
The new headquarters is composed of a reinforced concrete, steel and glass tower surrounded by a complex system of curvilinear buildings connected by an ovoid shape plaza with a plastic roof.  All raised technical flooring was built by Edil Beton Perugia using the SFloor product. Approximately 70 thousand square metres of technical flooring were manufactured and installed, the largest job order ever in Italy. Certainly the experience gained by Edil Beton in France at the Defense district for similar work has played a decisive role in the successful implementation of this technical solution.