This complex and impressive prefabricated work of Pregnana is an example of how Generale Prefabbricati is able to realise prefabricated structures for even the most complex works generally considered as “works of art”. This is the first artificial tunnel in Italy, entirely constructed of prefabricated material. The scrupulous design by Generale Prefabbricati was approved by the Customer: CAV.TO.MI under the supervision of ITALFERR and Ferrovie dello Stato (RFI) (Italian State Railways).

The tunnel was developed along an overall length of 570 ml and is made up of two 24 ml-wide shafts side by side. The columns holding up the decking each weigh over 70 tonnes and have a cross-section of 100×200 cm for a height of approximately 11 ml. The beams that make up the decking are overturned T-beams set next to one another with a base of 100 cm and a height of 220 cm. The centre wall dividing the two shafts was constructed with a double slab with total width 140 cm completed with on-site casting. The cladding and crowning panels were also manufactured by Generale Prefabbricati.